Important Reminders Before You Proceed

Keep in mind that finding an online job and finding a regular office job is basically the same. You must have the required skills & resourcefulness and you must have the patience & determination to get the right online work for you.

Fortunately, online job requirements are less discriminatory, as most companies or clients will hire you - regardless of your educational background, age, looks, civil status, physical or health condition - they only need to know that you can get the job done.

Let's Get Started (5 Steps):

1.) Assess yourself.
2.) Create a Gmail account.
3.) Create your online payment processor accounts.
4.) Visit our Job Search page.
5.) Start working!

Are you going to work full time or part time? What is your target income from online jobs? If you're aiming for a full time income then get ready to work full time.

Do you have a reliable PC or laptop with stable internet connection? Also, do you have a back-up plan should your equipment fail? Like access to your sibling's computer or a nearby internet shop.

What computer and internet skills do you have? If you only know data entry then expect a lot of competition, because data entry is a very basic skill that even high school students can do nowadays.

You have to offer more like for example - online marketing, blogging, etc. - as employers prefer applicants with several skills over those with only basic computer and internet skills. So you must be willing to find time to educate yourself to increase your skills.

Last important thing to consider is your attitude. Are you patient, disciplined and motivated enough to keep on working until you get your dream homebased job? Are you capable to work alone and accomplished required tasks on time without supervision? Keep in mind that working from home also means that you're on your own.

If you are serious in doing online work you must create a separate email account, preferably a GMail email (provided free by Google). This is to separate your personal emails from business messages, account activation, job offers, updates, notifications, and other online-job related emails. A GMail email is more preferred by online job providers than Yahoo or Hotmail.

Click HERE to open a Gmail account now.

If you're just planning to work via freelance jobs sites such as or, then your existing local bank account is enough. You can use your existing bank account/s to receive your work earnings from said sites. BUT if you are also planning to earn from various internet earning programs OR have plans to sell something online, then you may want to register a free account with the following sites (no initial deposit and no maintaining balance required, you just need a valid email address and a working cell phone number):

(1.) PAYPAL ACCOUNT - Paypal is the most widely-used online payment processor. Websites and companies based outside the Philippines usually prefer to pay online workers thru Paypal (including freelance jobs sites). So having a Paypal account increases your opportunity to earn more.

What can you do with a Paypal account? You can use Paypal to...
>> receive your online job salary,
>> receive payment from various internet earning programs,
>> receive payment for selling items online,
>> receive donations,
>> shop online, and
>> send money to other Paypal account holders all around the world,

Click HERE to open a free PayPal account now.
(Choose BUY WITH PAYPAL option)

(2.) COINSPH ACCOUNT - CoinsPH is an online payment processor, online peso wallet and a *Bitcoin wallet in one. Bitcoin-related income opportunities are increasing and so having a Bitcoin wallet also increases your chance to earn more from the internet.

What can you do with a CoinsPh account? You can use CoinsPH to...
>> send and receive Philippine Pesos nationwide,
>> send and receive Bitcoins worldwide,
>> send prepaid load credits to your cellphone/s,
>> start your cellphone loading business (no SIM required),
>> start your mini-bayad center business,
>> start your mini-remittance center business,
>> receive Bitcoin payment from internet earning programs,
>> receive Bitcoin payment for selling items online,
>> receive Bitcoin donations,
>> shop online using Bitcoins, and
>> collect free Bitcoins from Bitcoin Faucets,

Click on this invite link to open a free CoinsPH account now.
(Get free cash/bitcoin in your CoinsPh account as a welcome bonus.)

Not familiar with *Bitcoins? Click here to learn more about it.
And click on this link to read more about CoinsPH

There are several types of online jobs and hundreds of internet earning programs available online but majority of them are either scams or relatvely new with no proven records or feedbacks yet.

On our Job Search page, we have compiled a list of trusted & proven websites and categorized them according to what type of online work they offer. Visit our online job search page to know what type of job or earning program suits you best. Click here.

You may also download a copy of our free ebook
"Work-at-Home Basics" Quick Guide to help you get started.
Includes 3 online work options that can help you earn starting today.

Click HERE to access our download page.

Don't delay - start working now! Register with one or two sites in Step 4 and start working. All sites that offer income opportunity programs also offers support/guides to get you started - so EXPLORE, EXPLORE, EXPLORE!

Online employers usually don't have the time nor the patience to explain things to you. You must have the initiative to read carefully, understand fully, and follow correctly - the application process / instructions or else you will never get hired.

"Spoon-feeding" is something that you should avoid when working online. As a newbie, it's natural not knowing everything at once. You may find some useful guides on some things while for other things - you must learn or discover on your own.

Be independent, resourceful, patient, and keep yourself motivated - plan your working schedule! Remember that your success will always depend on you and your efforts.

That's it!
Congratulations for going this far and good luck to your online career! ^_^

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