OJP Clixsense Team


  • • Low initial investment of P850.00 or only around P71.00 per month;
  • • Easy to set-up with free ebook guide and ready online support;
  • • Pay one membership fee get 3 online premium memberships;
  • • Get free referrals in three ways (both free and paid referrals);
  • • Proven affiliate program from a trusted online company;
  • • With money-back guarantee;
  • • Existing Clixsense.com members can join our team;
  • • Not ready to invest yet? Try the program for free.

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Please read all information below carefully to fully understand the program. Thank You. (",)

In our efforts to provide income opportunities to Filipinos here and abroad, the OJP Clixsense Team was created. Our goal is to provide Filipinos with an easy alternative to earn online. To earn active and passive income with minimal investment of only P850 per year or around P70 per month (initial membership fee).

OJP Clixsense Team joined two of the most largest online marketing network in the Philippines and in the U.S.A., namely:

1.) Clixsense.com (Since 2007) - one of the most trusted online advertising companies recognized not only in the U.S. A. but globally. Clixsense is a pioneer in Pay-Per-Click or PPC advertising and has been in operation since February of 2007. Its main office is located in New York, U.S.A.

2.) Clixsense Team Philippines or CSTPH (Since 2010) - is the largest marketing partner of Clixsense.com in the Philippines. CSTPH developed the matrix income system that can help Filipinos maximize their earnings from Clixsense. Technically, OJP Clixsense Team is a sub-group of CSTPH.

Joining OJP Clixsense Team is a 3-1 Membership Deal

(One Membership Fee = Three Online Memberships)

1.) Clixsense.com provides the income opportunity and the affiliate program;
2.) CSTPH provides the matrix system to maximize earnings from the Clixsense affiliate program;
3.) OJP Clixsense Team provides the training & support to maximize active & passive income from the program.

Your OJP Clixsense Team Membership will give you the following benefits from each group.

1. Benefits from Clixsense.com:

  • • One (1) year Premium Membership with Clixsense.com;
  • • 1000 advertising credits that you can use to promote online;
  • • With guaranteed paid ads daily. Average ads/day is around 6-7 cents OR $21 to $25/year;
  • • 50 Chances to win $0.10 up to $10 daily in the ClixGrid Game;
  • • Referral sign-up bonus of $0.25 when your direct referral earns $1 for viewing ads;
  • • Higher commissions on direct referral paid ads earnings;
  • • Referral bonus of $2.00 on your direct referrals;
  • • Referral bonus of $1.00 on your 2nd to 8th level referral downlines;
  • • Earn $0.02 to $0.10 per research tasks;
  • • Earn 10% commission on direct referrals’ tasks earnings;
  • • Lower minimum amount to request payout; and
  • • With money-back guarantee if you click regularly.

2. Benefits from CSTPH:

  • • Inclusion in the matrix earning program where you can possibly earn up to P450,000;
  • • Inclusion in CSTPH random spill-over for a chance to have referrals even w/o recruiting;
  • • Inclusion in CSTPH raffle and contest promotions;
  • • Operate your own CSTPH Online Business Center from home;
  • • Withdraw your earnings via Smart Money, Globe G-Cash, and Unionbank EON Account; and
  • • Get support if you have concerns regarding your Clixsense account.

3. Benefits from OJP Clixsense Team:

  • • Become an instant Certified OJP member with full forum access;
  • • Get free referrals from our team members' weekly ad rotation program;
  • • Free ad space at OJP’s main website for your blog, website or affiliate program;
  • • Free Ebook/Tutorials on how to set-up and promote your Clixsense Home Business;
  • • Get downlines from the team (We will fill-up our team’s matrix as new members join.);
  • • Inclusion in OJP online raffle and contest promotions;
  • • Entry to ALL of OJP’s mentored online skills training;

OJP Clixsense Team

How to Join the Team

(Note: You can join OJP Clixsense Team even if you have an existing Clixsense free account)

Step #1.

Visit this link and register >> Click Here.

Fill-up the online form and type in "ojpclixhead" as your referrer in the box form then submit.

See sample screenshot below:

Step #2.

Complete the payment/registration process and wait for CSTPH's welcome email.

Step #3.

After receiving your welcome email from CSTPH, email us at ojpweb@gmail.com and send us your Clixsense username.

After receiving your email - we will register you as an OJP Premium Member.
Send you the ebook guides and give you full forum access.
Support to members are available at the forum and at CSTPH.

Visit OJP Clixsense Team FB Page

Free Three (3) Ebooks - Member's Business Guide

Negosyo sa Bahay

Guide Ebook #1 - Will teach you how to set-up and use your Clixsense account properly to maximize your daily earnings.

Guide Ebook #2 - Will show you tips and tricks to promote your homebased business with Clixsense to maximize the benefits of the affiliate program.

Guide Ebook #3 - Will teach you how to use your 1000 Clixsense ad credits to help promote your referral link and grow your own individual matrix.

Enjoy Free Referrals in 3-Ways

1.) Get free referrals from our weekly ad rotation system. Your referral link will be put on queue along with other team members - so you can enjoy extra earnings from activities of your own free member downlines.

2.) We are filling-up our 3x8 matrix slots (top to bottom, left to right) as new members join. Those that will register after you may become your matrix downlines.

3.) You are also included in the random spill-over system of CSTPH (our "mother" team) for a chance to get free referrals and help grow your own individual matrix.

Frequently Asked Question About Clixsense

Negosyo sa Bahay

Is Clixsense.com a scam?

Clixsense is not a scam. It is one of the most successful online advertising companies recognized globally. It has been in operation since 2007 and has been known to be a legit and paying company.

It has made millions of dollars in payment to its members located worldwide. You only have to do a simple Google research to know that Clixsense is legal and with a good track record when it comes to paying both its free and paid members.

Click here to view payment proofs uploaded by thousands of Clixsense members located around the world.

With Money-Back Guarantee:

At Clixsense you can easily get your money back by simply viewing available paid ads daily as premium members earn around 6-10 US Cents worth of ads/day.

Plus you can also earn from the daily paid tasks, from paid offers, from the Clixgrid game, from the activities of your referrals AND the possible earnings from the team's 3x8 forced matrix system.

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